A Closer Look at Eye Injuries at Home

Eye injuries are nothing to wink at, and half of all accidents involving eye damage occur at home.1 This is Eye Injury Prevention Month, and that’s why the board-certified ophthalmologists at Colorado Ophthalmology Associates of Denver, CO, have taken a closer look at home where eye injuries commonly take place. Check out these easy tips for preventing eye injuries when you are working or playing at home.

Working in the kitchen

Spatters of grease can cause eye damage that you never see coming.2 If this happens, flush the eye with sterile water and contact Colorado Ophthalmology Associates immediately.

Prevention tip: lower food carefully into hot oil and keep burner turned lower. If oil starts to pop, cover the pan and reduce the heat. An oil spatter screen may also be helpful.

Working around the house

Splashes of chemicals can happen when transferring bleach or chemicals to another container, or when spray bottles malfunction. Cuts and bruises on or near the eye can happen during an accident at home. For chemical splashes, immediately put your head under a stream of lukewarm water and flush for 15 minutes.2 Then, come to Colorado Ophthalmology Associates immediately.

Prevention tip: use a sharpie to clearly mark direction of spray on bottles when first purchased. Use dripless spouts whenever possible. Work slowly and carefully around chemicals. Safety glasses are a great tool to use with your chemicals.

Working on the car

An airborne fragment can become an instant threat to your vision when working on your car. Another common eye injury is a snap back from a slipped bungee cord.

Prevention tip: always use eye protection when working on the car. When strapping down a load, use a partner to secure the other end and communicate clearly.

Working outside

Flying rocks and debris, and airborne leaves and grass clippings, are common missiles that can threaten your eye safety—causing damage and loss of vision—when doing yard work.

Prevention tip: always use eye protection when mowing, trimming, clipping or weed whacking.

Working in the shop

Airborne sawdust, wood and metal fragments are constantly dislodged by activities such as drilling, planing or sawing.

Prevention tip: always use eye protection when working with wood, metal, ceramic or plastic. Use good lighting so you can see what you are doing.

Playing at home

BB guns, paintball guns, darts and balls are all objects that can damage eyes while playing. Sports are also dangerous to eye safety.

Prevention tip: use the proper eye protection for your sport or game. Paintball masks have good eye protection, skiing goggles protect from UV-rays and eye sunburn, sports goggles are good for most sports and safety glasses work well for yard play.


Proper eyewear at work and play can prevent 90% of home eye injuries.1 But still, accidents happen. If you or someone you love experiences an eye injury, call right away for an appointment at one of our two Colorado locations in Denver or Lakewood. We’re here when you need us.

            Denver: 303-320-1777

            Lakewood: 303-989-2023

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2 https://www.mayoclinichealthsystem.org/hometown-health/speaking-of-health/october-is-eye-injury-prevention-month

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