Your Eyes as You Age

Time catches up with your eyes and it’s common to discover vision changes as you age. You might find yourself needing better light to see as well or you might find it difficult to do close work. Glare may become a problem when you are driving, and colors may shift.1 These are all normal changes…

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How To Keep Kids Safe and Seeing Properly

Overall, one in four school-aged children can have vision problems that require treatment1. Parents can make sure children are ready with healthy vision for a safe and successful school year and upcoming sports season. At Colorado Ophthalmology Associates of Denver, CO, we recommend yearly eye exams for students and early eye exams for babies and…

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Get a Before School Checkup for Your Child

Summer is the perfect time to get the errands done that will set your child up for success in the coming school year. Good vision and healthy eyes are extremely important for students who rely on seeing the screen or board, watching the teacher, and reading to facilitate learning. That’s why the board-certified ophthalmologists at…

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Safety First with Fireworks

Most people have fond memories of seeing fireworks as a child. In their enthusiasm, parents may try to recreate the magic for their own kids. But the darker side of fireworks is the safety hazard they pose, especially to the eyes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that there were 9,100 fireworks-related injuries treated in…

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How to Have Healthy Vision in 6 Easy Steps

Vision is a gift—seeing a child’s face light up with joy, watching a spectacular sunrise, looking out over a mountain vista are all beautiful sights we can enjoy. Considering how precious good vision is to you and your loved ones, taking some time to learn how to protect that vision is a worthwhile investment. The…

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Play It Safe with Eye Wellness and Sports

What is your favorite sport to play–football, soccer, baseball, martial arts? Chances are, your favorite sport is on the list of dangerous activities for eye safety.1 The month of April is Eye Safety Month and it’s the time to focus on the best prevention for eye injuries—safety goggles, safety shields or safety glasses. With such…

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