Autumn’s Allergies and Your Eyes

Are you suffering from watery, red, swollen eyes? As the leaves fall, allergies flare up, causing eye irritation and discomfort for many people in the Denver and Lakewood, CO, region. At Colorado Ophthalmology Associates, we see our share of patients struggling with seasonal allergies during this time when all the...

Ocular Migraines & Retinal Migraines

Sometimes headaches or migraines are accompanied by vision issues which can be very disruptive to a person’s day. These ocular migraines usually fade rapidly and are often not a cause for alarm, but there are some cases when a migraine accompanied by visual disruptions—known as a retinal migraine—signals a much more...

Does My Child Need a Back-to-School Eye Exam?

What does your child’s school year look like? In-person, online at home, graduated returning, hybrid learning? No matter how your child is going to receive his or her education this year, clear vision is crucial to school success. Since being able to see properly can directly impact a student’s academic achievement,...

How We’re Protecting Our Patients During COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering if it is safe to come to Colorado Ophthalmology Associates for routine care and emergent eye conditions. Rest assured, your good health is our top priority. We are actively working within some of the strictest guidelines to maintain...

Making the Connection Between Sports and Vision

Playing a variety of fast-paced sports is one of the joys in life, but not every participant takes time to think about the connection between visual acuity and physical ability. If there is a slight variance to the eye, the result could be vision changes that reduce your performance. In addition to visual acuity, players...

Going Above & Beyond with an Ultra-wide Fundus Exam

The earliest stages of eye disease and vision deterioration often take place in the farthest reaches of the eye and are difficult to find in a traditional retinal health check. Examining the far periphery of the eye requires special high-resolution imaging technology, such as the Zeiss Clarus® 500. This...

5 Tips to Ease Computer Eye Fatigue

Spending hours, days, and weeks in front of the computer can take its toll on your eyes, causing eye strain, fatigue, dryness and discomfort. Severe fluorescent lights and overly bright windows can combine with computer screen lights to create a harsh environment for your eyes. Over time, your eyes may become tired and dry...

When You Need Cataract Surgery in Denver

Cataract surgery in Denver is a relatively common and simple procedure that helps improve eyesight, as well as quality of life. More than one million people over the age of 60 undergo cataract surgery in the United States, and as the years have passed, both the technology and safety of the procedure has seen enormous...

Do Not Let Cataracts Take Over Your Life

Cataracts are a common ailment for people over the age of 60, and for some people, it is an ailment they feel they can live with. For others, it disrupts parts of their everyday lives and becomes more than just a nuisance. It becomes something they would much rather live without and fortunately, due to modern medicine,...

Prepping for Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a relatively simple outpatient procedure performed on more than a million people over 60 each year in the United States. It helps improve the vision of those who suffer from this ailment, which is characterized by cloudy and blurred vision. During this procedure, the lens of the infected eye is removed...

The Decision to Undergo LASIK in Denver

Choosing to undergo LASIK surgery in Denver is one of the most important decisions you can make in life. This may be an elective surgery, meaning it is not a medical necessity as you can continue living healthily while wearing glasses or contact lenses, but it is still a momentous one that is can change your life for the...

The Right Doctor to Perform Your Denver LASIK Surgery

Once you make the decision to see if you are the right candidate for Denver LASIK surgery, your next step is to find the right doctor to give you a thorough examination and consultation. If this doctor decides that LASIK is right for you, then he will most likely be who you choose to perform the surgery. And choosing the...


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Matt Manganello
Matt Manganello
23:14 17 Jan 20
First time visiting today. Very impressed! Office and staff were both great! I showed up when asked and I was taken... back when my appointment was scheduled. Staff was very thorough with the exam. In house optician was great as well. Large selection of more
Thea Jaworski
Thea Jaworski
14:33 16 Jun 18
Christine in the optical dispensary is wonderful! She has confident and trustworthy suggestions for frames that will... look great on you, and she's so kind and more
Ms. Jones
Ms. Jones
06:01 28 Mar 17
Sean Colgan
Sean Colgan
16:22 09 Mar 16
Great customer service! When my new lenses were bothering my eyes, they worked hard to make it right, even eventually... cutting new more
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