How To Keep Kids Safe and Seeing Properly

Overall, one in four school-aged children can have vision problems that require treatment1. Parents can make sure children are ready with healthy vision for a safe and successful school year and upcoming sports season.

At Colorado Ophthalmology Associates of Denver, CO, we recommend yearly eye exams for students and early eye exams for babies and three-year-olds to get them on track for healthy vision. After all, 80% of vision problems or blindness is either preventable or treatable.1

Risk Factors

Children may be at a higher risk of vision problems if he or she has a family member with vision disorders, especially if present at a young age. Children born prematurely may also be at a higher risk of vision issues. If your child has had an eye injury, vision problems or complications may arise later on from that incident.2

Injury Prevention

If your child tends to sleepwalk, be sure to keep toys picked up and pathways clear so there won’t be any late-night falls. Gating stairways is another important precaution. Normal childproofing techniques are also important to protect young eyes such as keeping knives and sharp objects out of reach, keeping chemicals locked up and throwing away toys with sharp or broken edges.

If your child plays a sport, make sure he or she has the proper goggles, face shield or eye protection. Your ophthalmologist can recommend the right sports eye protection.

Savvy Parents See Everything

Have you ever examined your child’s eyes? Some indicators that you need to take him or her to the ophthalmologist include misaligned eyes, red and watery eyes, drifting eye, or crusty and swollen eyes.

Is he rubbing his eyes all the time? Is she tilting her head to the side when writing or drawing? Is he sitting too close to the tv or holding a book too close? Is she avoiding questions about things seen in the distance? Is he complaining about his eyes itching or burning? You may be the first in line to realize something amiss with your child’s vision.3

Eye Health for High School and College Age

As students age, their lives become busier and vision health may not seem as important. Since, they are still using their eyes to learn and to work, eye care is still crucial. Long hours and late nights staring at screens and studying can cause eye strain and tired, scratchy eyes. Eye drops or natural tears could help.

Teach the 20-20-20 rule to help with eye fatigue and stress. Every twenty minutes look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This gives eyes a break and helps them deal with the stress of studying.3

Get help for your child’s vision issues

If your child has an eye injury or an urgent concern, come in right away to one of our two Colorado locations in Denver or Lakewood. Cut eyelids can be sewn while scratched eyes or blood in the eye can be examined by our ophthalmologists. Children showing signs of vision problems can be examined and treated with a comprehensive visit to one of our ophthalmologists experienced in treating children.

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