Play It Safe with Eye Wellness and Sports

What is your favorite sport to play–football, soccer, baseball, martial arts? Chances are, your favorite sport is on the list of dangerous activities for eye safety.1 The month of April is Eye Safety Month and it’s the time to focus on the best prevention for eye injuries—safety goggles, safety shields or safety glasses. With such an easy fix to a potentially serious injury that could cause blindness, why doesn’t everyone wear eye protection?

The board-certified ophthalmologists at Colorado Ophthalmology Associates of Denver, CO, have compiled some answers to common complaints and comments to help you play it safe with your vision while still enjoying your favorite sport.

My glasses fog up when I sweat

Safety glasses, goggles or guards can come with ventilated sides or even anti-fog coatings. Talk to your ophthalmologist about which kind will give you the best results.

I have monocular vision and don’t need both eyes corrected

Vision that is good in one eye and not in the other still needs to be managed properly with prescription safety guards and goggles. This condition needs careful correction to keep your vision sharp. Additionally, safety goggles don’t just correct vision, they protect from impact injuries.

What if my safety glasses shatter while I’m playing hard

Polycarbonate lenses are built to meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) guidelines including shatter resistance. This ensures your eye safety upon impact.2

I have occupational safety glasses I use for sports

These kinds of safety glasses are inappropriate for sports. They are not necessarily shatter resistant, aren’t built for ventilation or glare reduction. Also, regular eyeglasses are not shatterproof or impact resistant and are not appropriate for sports. It is important to have the right safety gear for the right activity.

Safety glasses are uncomfortable

Look for goggles or eye guards that are padded or cushioned along the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose. Find a strap that can be adjusted for a perfect fit without cutting in too deep. Our customer assistants can help fit your glasses and strap for maximum comfort.

I don’t really need safety glasses because my vision is fine

Eye injuries due to sports result in over 100,000 eye doctor visits each year.3 While you may not need corrective lenses in your eye goggles or sports glasses, you still will benefit from the shielding properties and the UV resistance that will protect your eye health. For more information, check out these 20 tragic eye injuries in modern sports and learn the importance of eye protection.

I have old goggles I can wear

While old protection is better than nothing, it is important to keep your prescription updated and to make sure your gear is not compromised with age or deterioration.3

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