Premier Optical

In addition to vision correction procedures, we also offer fittings for traditional glasses. We have many different styles, brands, colors and lens options to choose from. Our goal is to find an attractive, comfortable, and effective way of correcting your vision.

We offer only the highest quality fashion frames from American & European designers in price ranges to fit your needs. Our professional staff will help you select frames that are appropriate for your prescription and life style.

We accept new patients, accept most insurance plans, and will fill outside prescriptions. Our staff is friendly and will also make repairs and adjustments.

Contact Lenses

Here’s what you need to know:

Want to identify the best contact lenses for your vision and lifestyle?
Check out the pros and cons of specific contact lenses. 

Interested in contact lenses for full-time or part-time wear?
Contact lenses are available for all types of vision corrections. Specialized contact lenses can even treat certain eye conditions better than glasses. 

Whatever your reason for choosing contact lenses, proper selection and maintenance can keep your eyes healthy and you seeing clearly. Start by reviewing the pros and cons of common types of contact lenses — and then understanding the rules for preventing eye infections.