Safe Toys Gift Guide Approved by Ophthalmologists

Giving toys and gifts at Christmas can be one of the highlights of the season. But not all toys are created equal when it comes to eye safety. This December is safe toys and celebrations month1, prompting us to take a closer look at gift giving. The ophthalmologists at Colorado Ophthalmology Associates of Denver, CO, have compiled some suggestions to make sure your December gift choices and celebrations are safe for children.

Safe celebrations include age-appropriate gifts and activities and proper supervision. While we all know that airsoft guns, paintball guns, BB guns, Nerf™ guns and crossbows are notoriously hazardous for vision damage, let’s look at some safer but equally fun alternatives.

Celebrate Creativity

Artistic gifts such as crafts, art supplies, paints, leather working, models, sewing and knitting are a great way to get kids off their screens and producing something that lasts. Follow age-level guidelines on the products to make sure they are appropriate for your recipient.2

Game Night

Forget the video game purchases and invest in some of the myriad of fun games and puzzles readily available today. Educational games are more engaging than ever and are a great way to help young brains develop. Add more fun to game night by including popcorn and bubbly flavored waters for snacks.

Engaging Experiences

Take your gift giving to the next level by avoiding clutter-producing toys or games and offering something fun to do instead. Enroll your child in a club or session at the art museum, Parks and Wildlife center, zoo, rock climbing gym, bounce facility or camp. Or, buy tickets to a concert, sporting event, symphony or show and take them along.

Is there a special tea house or curry place you frequent that a child might enjoy experiencing for the first time? Make a card and let them know when they can go with you and what they can expect to find there.

Call of the Wild

Another great way to help kids become more active is by preparing them to spend more time in nature. Gifting nature identification books, a camping hammock, hiking boots, binoculars and bird feeders are all great places to start. Add a bag of your favorite trail mix and a parks pass, then set a date when you can accompany your child on his or her next outdoor adventure.

Protective Eye Gear

Still planning on gifting an airsoft gun, BB gun or sports equipment? Go the extra step and include the protective shatterproof eyewear or face mask to go along with the toy. Not sure what eye gear is right? Check with us for a fast recommendation.

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